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ALBUM 472 5.08
Feb 2021
Displays JPG (and BMP) files one at a time from any specified folder, centred on an otherwise blank black screen with no Windows mess. Manual/auto slideshow, delete, sequence options (alphabetic, reverse alphabetic, random), scale up/down
BDE 5856 5.01 This is the Borland Database Engine, which you will need to run older versions of most of my applications.  Use HAVEBDE (see below) to find out whether or not you already have the BDE.
You must be logged on to Windows as an Administrator to install BDE.  
CASHAC       Cash accounting ledger, click here for details. 
Requires BDE, see above
Now obsolete - see Cashac2 below. 
CASHAC2     Cash accounting ledger
Windows & Linux versions available. Click here for details.
CLOCK2 553 34
May 2021
Clock/timer - useful for timing boiled eggs
FILING 626 12.00
Dec  2014
Requires BDE, see above
now obsolete - see Filing2 below
FILING2       For textual filing.
Windows & Linux versions available. Click here for details.




Dec 2019
Compares the list of files in any two specified folders (directories). Options to include subfolders, to delete duplicates or superseded versions, to synchronise the folders (including subfolders if specified), and (basic omission from Windows Explorer) to export the file list to the clipboard . 
HAVEBDE 412 1.04
Dec 2009
Checks whether the Borland Database Engine (BDE) is already installed on your PC. If not, see "BDE" above. 
JOTTER 423 3.06
May 2021
Every Windows programmer has developed their own version of Notepad, this is mine. 
PLANS 697 4.01
Jan 2020
For making scale drawings. Click here for user guide.
Requires BDE, see above
PLAYER     Requires BDE, see above
now obsolete - see Player3 below
PLAYER3     Audio jukebox for MP3 / OGG Vorbis, click here for details.
REPAIR 112 - Incorporates the Borland utility TUTIL32.DLL (but unsupported by them) to repair a corrupt database table. Also included with the main db apps above.
Requires BDE, see above
STRONGP 413 2.00
Jun 2020
Generates strong passwords
UNITS 230 1.10
Apr 2009
Converts between different units (eg metres / feet ) for the same quantity (eg length). Options to to add new quantities and new units (for example, a 'Post Office Tower' as a unit of height) 
Requires BDE, see above
Plenty of websites do this, but it's instructive to enter the units and their inter-relationships yourself. Plus you can make up your own units.
WHENTRIP 398 2.01
Dec 2017
On startup after a power outage, reports when the outage occurred

These (apart from BASS, BDE, TUTIL32) are programs that I have written. They run on all versions of Windows from 95 to 10. The BDE installs fine up to WinXP but needs a tweak on Vista/Win7 onwards - see the internet for details, there are some links on my Cashac page.  

None of the programs has been time-limited or disabled in any way. You are welcome to download them, to copy/distribute them, and to enjoy the full functionality for free and without any registration. But please note :

Of course, these programs are basic applications, versions of which thousands of amateur programmers besides myself have produced : you will need to compare and contrast to decide your own preference. I have used all of my programs over several years (many years, in some cases), and have ironed out most of the errors and added many features of genuine utility. I believe that such a programme of continuous improvement is  a defining feature of most non-commercial software, and offers a level of quality to rival commercial software (although perhaps not the same breadth of functionality), despite (in my case) being squeezed to not-very-much spare time at home alongside all the usual work / family / social commitments.

All of the Windows programs were written using Delphi, originally from Borland. Initially I used Paradox for my database management, and latterly Interbase, both of which require the installation of Borland's Database Engine (BDE). From 2011 I have started to use Firebird in place of BDE for database handling, much better, and more compatible with later versions of Windows. See www.firebirdsql.org for details. I am gradually upgrading my existing applications in this respect - as of May 2021 only "Units" and "Plans" remain on BDE (but "Plans" in particular makes the effort of installing BDE still worthwhile in my admittedly biased view).  

From 2020 I have started to use Linux in place of Windows, using Lazarus in place of Delphi. A big thank you to all the Lazarus and Firebird developers for creating & supporting these brilliant platforms. Firebird databases can be copied from Windows to Linux with no conversion required, amazing. And Delphi sources can be compiled on Lazarus with only minimal conversion effort, amazing again.

Apart from the BDE and apart from Linux executables, the downloads are ZIP files. Use Windows Explorer (XP and later) or WINZIP (see www.winzip.com) to unzip them to a folder of your choice. Make sure you keep the 'Use Folder Names' option checked when you unzip the files, so that any folders beneath the EXE file are preserved. If you want to use a folder in Windows "Program Files" then you will need to be  logged on as an Administrator. After unzipping, the application is ready to run, with no setup or install required. You will need to create your own shortcut(s) to these applications as you wish. The applications may also be deleted, or moved (with their subfolders if any) to different folders, without worrying about the Windows Registry or about special installation procedures via Control Panel.

If you are upgrading from a previous installation of the same software, 

I apologise for not providing any online help. It would be nice to think that the software is so easy to use that this is not needed (and this is certainly a design intention), but this is not an adequate excuse.  There are a few sketchy user guides which is a start at least.

Please contact me (email address below) -  I promise to help as best I can with any problems associated with my software, and any feedback is always appreciated. Include  the application name in the email Subject line to give yourself a chance of being noticed in the blizzard of spam.  


Charlie Thomas
May 2021