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"Player" has been upgraded to "Player3" to use the Firebird database engine in place of Borland Paradox. This allows it to be run under Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as XP. Firebird is brilliant, see for details. Unlike Paradox, Firebird does not need to be installed separately from Player3, the relevant DLLs are already included in the Player3 download. 

Uses the amazing "BASS" codecs to decode the MP3 / OGG files - go to if you want to find out more. No separate installation required, this is a couple of DLLs included in the Player3 download.

Includes "Audio Tools Library" source code from Jurgen Faul to read/write audio meta-data (MP3 tags / OGG Vorbis comment headers), with thanks. 


The latest version of Player is 3.21  ( Oct 2021 ). 

(i)    If you are upgrading from a previous version of Player3, ie with version number 3.nn or 3.nn.nn, then download just the executable player3.exe by clicking here (662KB). 

(ii)  If you are a first time user, or upgrading from Player2, then you will need the executable plus all the new Firebird database files and the conversion program plconv.exe - click here (3988KB). Instructions are in readme.txt in the download.  If you are converting from old Player, make sure that you are using the latest version of the old Player (see, and use the Database Check function to correct any data integrity errors. 

Conditions of use, and other programs that I have written, can be found here.

Version history

    Player3 - uses BASS codecs & Firebird database 
    Player2 - uses BASS codecs & Paradox database (with BDE)
    Player1 - uses Winamp codecs & Paradox database (with BDE)

Any feedback is most welcome. 

Charlie Thomas
May 2015