CASHAC – personal cash accounting software from 6o6oSoftware



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Software download (version 28.11d, August 2011, 785 kB)


Cashac runs under all versions of Windows up to (& including) XP. I have not tested it under Vista (see also below under “BDE”). The software is in a zip file which you will need to extract to a folder of your choice – I suggest C:\Cashac. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Cashac, then extract to a temporary folder and copy just CASHAC.EXE to your Cashac folder. All a bit clunky, apologies, one day I’ll wizz it up.


You will need the “Borland Database Engine” (BDE) to run Cashac. You may already have this, for example if you have downloaded other database programs from me or from other authors that have been developed using “Delphi” from Borland. You can find out if you already have the BDE by searching your C: drive for a file named IDAPI32.DLL. Or you can download & run this small utility. The BDE needs a couple of tweaks to run under Vista, which are described in various places on the internet, for example here or here.


If you do not already have BDE you can download it from here or here or here.


Other programs which I have written can be found here. All my software is written primarily for my own use, so you may find it does not match the breadth of functionality expected in commercial software. Please do email me for help or suggestions or any other feedback – include the application name in the subject line so that you stand a chance of being noticed in the blizzard of spam. If you do not get a prompt reply you will probably have been blocked by Google's draconian spam filters, please persevere.


Charlie Thomas


August 2010



PS - I am proud to be listed on NoNags, a huge repositary of free software for Windows.