FILING2 for textual filing, from 6o6oSoftware




Software downloads (version 2.10.08 June 2019 )


    Full installation (4375 kB) - for first time users and for upgrading from Filing (BDE/Paradox version)


    Executable only (586 kB) - for upgrading from previous Filing2 versions


"Filing" has been upgraded to "Filing2", to use Firebird in place of BDE/Paradox as its database engine, 
better, & supported beyond Windows XP.


The installation steps are as follows (logon to Windows as an Administrator first) :

Subsequently, you should check for new versions from time to time. To upgrade to a newer version of Filing2, download the "executable only" above, unzip it, and copy the FILING2nnnn.EXE into your Filing2 folder overwriting the existing version. Make a backup copy of your Filing2 folder & subfolders first, just in case!


Other programs which I have written can be found here. All my software is written primarily for my own use, so you may find it does not match the breadth of functionality expected in commercial software. Please do email me for help or suggestions or any other feedback include the application name "FILING2" in the subject line so that you stand a chance of being noticed in the blizzard of spam. 


Charlie Thomas


January 2015