Cashac features [for 6o6o]




Account types

o          External (corresponding to bank accounts, store cards, etc)

o          Internal ( corresponding to budget Pots)

o             Counterparty ( subtypes : Payer, Payee )

o          Category (for example Gas, Groceries, Rent, Salary, ...)


Account groups / subgroups for all Account types, can nest to unlimited depth.

Suggestions for External Account Groups

o          Current Accounts

o          Saving Accounts

o          Store cards

o          Credit cards

o          Credit spending (I owe)

o          Credit income (I am owed)

Suggestions for Internal Account Groups

o          Recurrent Income/Expenditure

o          Reserves

o          Projects (= non-recurrent Expenditure)

o          Non-recurrent Income

Suggestions for Counterparty Groups

o          the various geographic areas where I have lived

o          friends & acquaintances

o          mail order / internet


Account Balances are stored & maintained for External Accounts/Groups and for Internal Accounts/Groups, but not for Counterparties or Categories.

Transaction Postings are stored for all 3 account types, but not for Groups.


Auto-dormancy of Accounts after <n> days (configurable, suggest 365) inactivity.

Auto-revival of Dormant Accounts if posted.


Account search / retrieval :

o          account name contains / starts with specified text

o          account notes contain specified text




Transaction types

o          Payment / outright purchase                         ) each affects all 4 account types

o          Receipt / outright sale                )

o          Credit purchase (I owe you)                 )

o          Credit Sale (you owe me)              )

o          Internal transfer - between Internal Accounts

o          External transfer - between External Accounts


Streamlined transaction input / date input (calendar) / account selection


Posting date option : Purchases/sales can post External Accounts and Counterparties on a different date from the transaction date


Repeating transactions, every <n> days / weeks / months / years, until <date> or for <count> occurrences or indefinitely.


Internal Account sweep by individual account or by Account Group.

Unsweep = undo any individual sweep.


Transaction search

o          for <amount>

o          for <text> in reference or narrative fields

o          for <id>




Account balances

o          by account type or zoom in/out of account group(s),

o          filtering by account status – Active, Available, Dormant, Closed, throughout Period

o          columns for opening balance / payments / receipts / transfers / closing balance

o             counts/totals


Postings list for specified account,

o          columns for debits / credits / running balance

o          jump to start / end / last reconciled bal / <date>

o          period / all


Internal account movement analyses

o          for any 12 consecutive months

o          for any 3 consecutive financial years


Transaction Journal : all txns in date sequence, with jump to <date>


Account details / amend


Transaction details / amend;

Jump from transaction details to any of this transaction’s postings, in the Postings List for the relevant account.


Export of Balances / Postings displays

o          to printer – this facilty unfortunately removed due to a bug in Quick Reports

o          to file (tab-delimited)

o          to clipboard (eg for pasting into spreadsheet)


Account balances as at any date.




Posting  flags for reconciliation of postings and running balances to outside sources (eg external statements).

Protection of reconciled balances : Confirmation sought for transaction input that would change any reconciled balance.


Financial year start configurable (eg 1st Jan, 6th Apr)


Archive : strips out transactions/postings before <date> with auto update of brought-forward balances


Database integrity check / repair


Option for multiple databases



Charlie Thomas


August 2010